Have you ever envisioned an outfit, put it on, and was underwhelmed by it? This situation is one of my personal least favorite to be in. It also happens most of the time when I’m in a rush or running late. When we get into this situation, many of us tend to scrap the outfit. It’s back to square one. But it doesn’t always need to be this way with the right fashion tips. Unless, of course, you found a new bomb outfit, then, in that case, rock it, girl!

But, if you’re like me and sometimes feel as if there is NOTHING in your closet to wear, the fire look you envisioned is no longer a reality, and basically, the world is ending, my fashion tips and this eight-point rule can help. Now, I don’t always use this rule. I try and use it every day, but sometimes it’s just not happening. And other times, it’s impossible to use. But before I get into why let’s discuss what the eight-point rule is.

What is the Eight-Point Rule?

The eight-point rule is essentially a point system for nailing your outfit. You are going to count each piece and accessory in your look and get a total. The goal is to get between 6 and 8 points. As soon as you get over 8, your outfit may be too much. And anything below 6 may be too little.

It sounds simple, and it is, but there are a few situations where I would count some things and not others. There are also some scenarios where going under or over is not a big deal. To best explain this, I will put up two pictures and outfits below and break it down even more.

Outfit 1

Okay, so in this first photo and outfit, we come to a total of 8 points. I came to this total by counting the glasses as one point, the jewelry (my rings and bracelets) as one point, the purse as one point, the shirt as two points, the belt as one point, the jeans as one point, and the shoes as one point. As you can see, everything in this look is at one point except for the cropped black graphic tee. The reason being is that the t-shirt is bolder. The shirt is a crop top, black, and has a graphic on it that is colorful and unique.

The rule of thumb is that anything bold, whether a bright color, a pattern, or has graphics, it’s marked as two points instead of one. If my shirt were to be a crop top that is plain black but with zebra print pants, the shirt would be one point, and the pants would be two points. Everything else in this look is straight-forward and neutral. But, not every outfit will be this straight-forward, which brings us to the second picture and look.

Outfit 2

For outfit 2, I go over by one point. However, not in every instance where I wear this look will I be over my point value of 8. For example, I was outside during these photos, so I wore sunglasses, giving me an additional point. But when inside, I did not wear the glasses, bringing me back down to the “correct” amount of 8 points. This situation is one where being over 8 points is no big deal. My outfit with the sunglasses, at 9 points, is not too much.

Now, if I were to wear this outfit and swap out the white bodysuit with a bold cow print one, it might be too much. The look would have too many elements. This situation is the first one that can be mildly confusing. The second one comes down to the hair, make-up, and accessories.

Points For Non-Clothing Items

I sat at the coffee shop to work with a friend this day, so my make-up was minimal and natural. Thus, I did not add a point for my make-up. But I did add one for my hair because a braid is not a simple hairstyle. So this is where things get tricky because if you wear a braid every day, it may not be bold for you. Sometimes you need to take into account your aesthetic and what is your norm. For me, my naturally wavy hair or someone having straightened hair is not worth a point. But anything spicer like a braid, pigtails, and half-up half-down is worth one point.

Next, the jewelry is worth talking about, too. I added two points to the look for all of my jewelry. In this case, it was the gold necklace, the two bracelets, and the three rings. I wear those three rings and two bracelets every day, so for me, I count them as one point. But, if they were to make me go over to 9 points, it would not be a fashion mistake. And the outfit would not be “too bold” or too much. In this scenario, I added an extra point for the gold necklace. The necklace is something that elevated my outfit and is not a part of my daily jewelry.

Location Matters

It’s also important to recognize your audience. In an office setting, reaching for an 8 point outfit will not always be appropriate or easy. In this scenario, hitting a six is perfectly fine. And if you are under a six into the boring zone, don’t stress. Sometimes work attire is boring, and that’s okay.

On the other hand, in a themed party setting or concert, you might go over the eight-point total. Sometimes bolder outfits are warranted and fit the scene much better. The eight-point rule is my recommendation for most events and days but does not always suit rare occasions.

Eight-Point Rule + Outfit Conclusion

All in all, these two looks were cute and hit the perfect point total. These looks were not boring, as they hit above 6 points, and were not too bold as they both fell below 9 points. Despite the sunglasses pushing me over, the item isn’t crazy enough to ruin the overall look. And the sunglasses make the look a temporary 9 point, securing the not too bold status.

Next time you feel a look is too blah, I recommend adding in a bold purse, more jewelry, or more accessories, such as a belt, hat, or sunglasses. If the look seems to be too much, try taking off some jewelry. Or you can try switching out a bold top or pants for something more neutral.

More Fashion Tips + Inspo

The eight-point rule is one of my favorite fashion tips that make styling an on-point outfit that much easier. It’s also extremely easy to do, taking minutes to count up the total. If you guys use this point system, let me know! I love hearing from you guys and hearing that you found something I posted beneficial. For more fashion tips, stay tuned to my blog. In the meantime, catch up on my 31 days of outfits blog posts by clicking here. And for more outfits, click here to follow my Instagram account.


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