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Spring 2020 is upon us and we can expect anything but florals to be trending. Sure, floral patterns are always spring appropriate; however, spring 2020 is shaping up to have more flavor. This blog post is your one stop shop for all things spring and trendy.

I. Bermuda Shorts

I know what some of you guys are thinking… “ugh, bermuda shorts, really!?” Hear me out though, they can be quite flattering if you purchase them from the right place and style them the right way. Growing up I always steered clear of bermuda shorts, even when they were stylish in the 6th grade and I was half the size I am now; but, this time around I am determined to make them work for me. For those who are like myself and not leggy like Kendall Jenner, get a pair on the longer side and pair them with a cute pair of flats, flatforms, or sneakers. Check out the Shop my IG tab for a link to my favorite pair.

II. Spring Leather

This is one of my favorite up and coming trends this spring! You can pair a fun leather jacket with a dress or jeans, there are unlimited ways on how to style it. On the flip side, a brightly colored leather skirt can go a long way with a simple colored bodysuit or top. One of my favorite combinations is neon leather paired with a fun print, such as snakeskin, cheetah print, or polka dots. This combination is the perfect way to spice up any outfit! What makes this trend so great is that you can utilize these pieces during brunch or during happy hour, making a day time to night time look effortless.

III. Tie-dye

Anyone else reminiscing on their childhood thinking about this trend? Tie-dye used to be all the range when I was a little kid and it kind of just fell off the map, but wow is it making a comeback! I personally was hesitant at first when I saw this print making an appearance all over IG, but it slowly has grown on me. The best part about this trend is that it can be worn casually, for example, I am absolutely loving tie-dye sweatpants right now. You can pair the sweatpants with a pair of cool sneakers and a crop top or bodysuit and look instantly stylish, all while being comfortable.

Until next time. XOXO,

Brianna Harvey

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