You guys know how much I love street style lately and how I live in my baggy jeans, which leads me to today’s look. For Day 12 of 30 Days of Outfits, I decided to bring out my favorite pair of baggy jeans and an old-school jacket. Thrifting has been a new thing for me, and while we usually think of thrifting as shopping in thrift stores, I think wearing things from our childhood counts.

Also, I have tried to re-wear pieces lately. I’m usually a shopaholic and am obsessed with getting new clothes. But what I have recently learned is that it’s all about the basics and how you style them. Purchasing a few trendy pieces are great, but the basics will always adapt to recent trends. With that said, let’s get into the look and where you can shop the pieces. Or, if you already have them, you can create the outfit with your twist on it.

The Look

For the top, I went with a closet staple. A simple black tank cropped shirt from Amazon. The top was very cheap, yet feels high-quality and looks high-quality. The jacket is where the thrifty part comes in. I won the varsity styled jacket from a cheer competition in high school. I never thought I would wear it ever again, but I saw it in my closet when I was styling for a reel and knew it could be turned into a trendy piece.

To finish off the look, I added in some hightop white Nike sneakers. These sneakers make any look more street style and sporty. By far, one of the best investments I have made in sneakers. The purse is one you are all familiar with by now, my black baguette Kate Spade purse. I further accessorized the outfit with a black claw clip to keep my hair up and show off the details of the jacket.

Styling Baggy Jeans

To create this look, I used items I already had. For the jeans, I went with my favorite pair of high-waisted baggy jeans from Boohoo. These jeans are by far my comfiest pair, and my most asked about on Instagram. As soon as I saw one person in baggy jeans in the early fall of 2019, I knew that baggy jeans were the direction fashion was going in, at least for 2020. I instantly browsed the web and found the perfect pair on Boohoo. And I’m so happy I got them when I did because they quickly sold out.

For those who have been on the struggle bus trying to find their perfect pair, don’t worry, I got you covered. You can find a similar pair on Fashion Nova or Princess Polly. If they don’t look baggy enough, size up! I sized up in the Boohoo pair, and now I know that even if they were to shrink, the baggy look would still hold up. I also recently bought a pair in dark gray/ light black; stay tuned to see how I style them in future IG posts and blog posts.

More Fashion

To see more styles and see how I style the dark gray/light black baggy high-waisted jeans, friend me on my Instagram account, @brianna.m.harvey. I also style the jeans in this look in some of the other 30 Days of Outfits blog posts. Click here to see one of them.


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