A trend that I have seen all over the place and on everyone is leather jackets. Now, leather jackets have always been a closet staple. I got my first black leather jacket from my mom’s closet, proving how far back this staple goes. But the way people style leather jackets has done a complete 180. What used to be considered more of an edgier piece is now in a variety of different looks.

From girly dresses with black leather jackets draped over them to neutral-colored looks, the iconic black leather jacket is everywhere. Despite the item being simple, many find that styling this piece can still be a difficult task. The jacket in question is edgier looking and sometimes can have metal details that throw people off. But, I promise once you get comfortable with incorporating the jacket into different looks, you’ll be a pro.

The first way I styled this piece was with an all-white look. I know they say not to wear white after Labor Day, but if done right, I think it’s okay to break the rule from time to time. I went with a white turtleneck, white flair jeans, white chunky sneaker boots, and, of course, my black leather jacket. If you are ever struggling with what to wear, sticking with neutrals is the way to go. Neutrals instantly look chic and can be styled monochromatically. I went with a white monochrome look but added the jacket to add some edge to my outfit.

Outfit 1

For my second look, I took the edgy vibe to the max. The outfit feels a lot louder than it actually is when in reality, it’s a simple jumpsuit. The first piece is the black jumpsuit. It’s perfect for those chillier days that don’t necessarily require tons of layers. Next up, the jacket and the combat boots. These two components make the outfit have an edgy feel to it.

Without the jacket, the jumpsuit would have been a simple black piece. I could have worn it around the home as an ordinary piece of loungewear. But with the black leather jacket, it turns into an outfit that I can go out to grab a drink in or an outfit I can wear to take a walk in the park with friends. Even without the edgier black combat boots, the entire get up with sneakers would still give off a similar vibe. The leather jacket is that powerful.

Outfit 2

Where to Buy The Black Leather Jacket?

Tracking down the perfect leather jacket can be difficult. You may want it smaller and fitting or larger and oversized. Either way, the sizing is going to be different everywhere you go. As mentioned above, my go-to jacket is from my mom’s closet, making it vintage. But I know places such as Princess Polly, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and Shein have leather jacket options in different styles and fits. For those who want a vegan leather jacket, some of these places have them as well.

If you want a leather jacket but are looking for a more vintage vibe and want to contribute to the fight against climate change, I recommend thrifting. Thrift stores have tons of adorable and unique clothing. All you have to do is do some digging, and I’m confident you’ll find some pretty great pieces.

For more leather jacket outfit inspiration, check out this link to some Pinterest photos I love. And to get an idea of other trendy outfits and styling tips, check out my Instagram profile, @brianna.m.harvey. If you missed any of my other blog posts and trend watches, make sure to give them a read! Click here to give my last trend watch blog post a read.


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