We have all seen the iconic 3 piece bathing suits everywhere lately. And let me tell you, they are worth the hype! The most common style seen is the bikini with the sarong as a skirt-like cover-up. However, there are SO many adorable options out there. Everything from a bikini and pants to a bikini and a cardigan, the varieties are endless. As summer continues along, I’m sure we’ll all see these many spins on the trend.

How to Style the 3 Piece Bathing Suits

There are many ways to style three-piece bathing suits, and no matter which way you go, you can’t go wrong. One of my favorite ways, and the classic style, is to tie it around the hip area and wear it as a cute little skirt. This option is flattering and perfect if you’re walking around the beach or a pool party.

There is also the headscarf option. I donned this one on my Instagram and am obsessed with how the look turned out. It was something unique and a fun way to spice up my hairstyle for the day. If you have other cute cover-up options or do not need one, you can never go wrong with using the sarong in this unique way.


Or, if you are feeling funky and want to step out of the box, you can tie it into a fun scarf top. I have only seen this done once before, but it did look super cute.

Get the Look

I found this geometric print three-piece bathing suit on Amazon, linked here. However, you can get them everywhere now. Some popular options are Princess Polly, White Fox Boutique, Shein, and Blackbough Swim. You might even be able to find cute three-piece swim sets in popular chain stores, such as Target or Walmart.

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