As soon as spring hits, the summer 2021 fashion trends start to lighten up little by little, until eventually, it’s summertime. And summertime is peak colorful and patterned-filled clothing. If you haven’t noticed yet, Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram are home to some of the most colorful outfits yet, bringing me to this Trend Watch: mixing colors.

Now, mixing colors in fashion isn’t always easy to do and can be intimidating. Growing up, many of us probably stuck to neutrals and a bold color rather than throwing on as many colors as possible. However, there are ways to mix colors tastefully that create a stylish ensemble.

The Method Behind The Madness

In this outfit, I went with a bold orange blazer, a white cropped tank top, midi denim shorts for the clothing. For accessories, I threw on a bright yellow purse, white sneakers, and colorful jewelry. When putting this look together, I kept the eight-point outfit rule in mind. But, I also kept in mind that sometimes, it’s okay to fall above the eight-point scale.

 summer 2021 fashion trends
 summer 2021 fashion trends

But, everything in this look is neutral, from the white pieces to the denim ones, except for my statement jewelry, blazer, and purse. In this particular look, keeping it simple paid off and kept it cute while still being bold. However, there are ways to dive in headfirst, such as opting for bright colors in a monochromatic outfit.

You can also play with textures and the loudness of colors to figure out what looks best when mixing colors. It might sound odd, but these factors play a role in coming up with the perfect outfit. In monochromatic outfits specifically, texture is one of the best ways to break up the shades of the color you choose.

You might be thinking that monochrome is only one color and cannot get considered as mixing colors. But, throwing on a monochrome, one color, outfit, and adding a different color for the shoes or purse is still mixing colors. If you are already comfortable with monochrome, this could be an excellent way to begin breaking out of your color comfort zone.

Or, you can dive right in!

More Summer 2021 Fashion Trends Are On The Way

If you decide to start playing around with mixing colors, show it off! Use my Instagram or TikTok hashtags, #bristylz and, #bristylzblog to show me your outfits. I love seeing what you guys put together! Additionally, if you want to stay up to date on more 2021 summer fashion trends, follow me on Instagram, @brianna.m.harvey.

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