The theme of day six out of 365 is that sometimes less is more. My outfit today was simple and something easy to put together. I knew I wanted to be comfortable yet stylish. And the thing is, there weren’t many components to the outfit, and it wasn’t flashy. But it still worked and proved to be Instagram worthy. I even shot some of my favorite pictures in this look.

When it comes to fashion outfit ideas and putting together an outfit, sometimes we think we need to pull out all of the stops. We need to have many components to the look, and it needs to be out there and in everyone’s face. However, every day isn’t Fashion Week. Sometimes a simple yet stylish outfit is exactly what the doctor ordered.

The Look

fashion outfit ideas
fashion outfit ideas

Today was one of those dress down days for me. I have been slacking on getting some cute and chic loungewear, so jeans it was. To complete the entire look, I wore ripped and baggy jeans from Target. I sized up to give them a relaxed and baggy look. I then wore a simple black cropped tank top with my black denim jacket from Fashion Nova. The shoes were my white high top look alike converse from JustFab. Last but not least, I wore a black headband.

Regardless of how casual or dressy I want to look, I always, always go by the rule of 8. This rule is a fashion secret that not enough people know about, but I’m here to spill the tea… in my next blog post. But to give you a little sneak peek, I’ll go over the point system with this outfit.

fashion outfit ideas

More Fashion, Outfit Ideas, and Inspo

As you can see, each part of my outfit was 1 point. However, there is so much more to the theory than this. But don’t stress because I’m going to give you guys all the tea in my next blog post. In the meantime, catch up on the other five outfits this month. Click here to see look 5. For even more fashion outfit ideas and inspo, click here to check out my Instagram account. I always post my outfits on there before they make it to the blog.


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