Hi loves! Happy Tuesday! Your girl has done it again… rebranded. I am EXTREMELY indecisive sometimes, and that characteristic transferred to my blog. I’m going to try and maintain this bright and fun aesthetic, but we shall see. My most recent outfit posts for January 2021: 31 Days of Outfits are all moody. And while I love every single one of those outfits and would wear them again; I am backing off of that editing style. So without further ado, I present my first outfit and fashion blog post with my new blog aesthetic.

Despite all the colors and sunshine filtering through my brain, blog, and Instagram, this outfit is anything but. We have a more monochrome and neutral look today. Regardless, I am obsessed with the outfit and the arm warmer (ultra cropped sweater?) trend. Whatever we want to call it, it’s here, and I’m a fan. Now, this item is a unique one, so I know the struggles of styling it. With that said, I’m going to take some time in this fashion blog post to discuss how I style it. And give you more inspo, duh!

The Look

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Above are two photos of the entire look. The first picture is my Instagram ready photo, and the second is to give you a view of the outfit put together. Let’s break down each piece. First, we have the khaki pants from Nasty Gal. These are one of my favorite pairs of pants and a closet staple. I 10/10 recommend them. They match almost everything and can make any outfit look more put together. Another perk is that they are an alternative to denim or jeans.

Next, we have a white tube top bodysuit from Amazon. This item is another closet staple because of how versatile it is. I layered this top with my beige turtleneck arm warmers. Now, this is the trendy item here. Some trendy pieces are worth investing in, while others are not. It all comes down to your unique situation and closet. This piece was one I had my eyes on for months. I knew I could get wear out of it and would wear it, trendy or not.

Even though I have now figured out how I like to style this item, it was no easy feat. The arm warmers can get styled in numerous ways; however, it’s the texture and color that would throw me. I recommend sticking with neutrals for a more chic and put-together look. For a relaxed put-together look, sweatpants can work, too. If you want to add some color, you can definitely do so! Cool or warm colors could look good with this piece and some denim, black, or brown bottoms.

The shoes are my white JustFab converse look-alikes. I wear them almost every day as they match so many of my outfits. All in all, this outfit is full of closet staples. For the accessories, I went with a gold necklace and gold and silver rings.

Affordable Fashion

The arm warmer I am wearing is everywhere now, with brands like Zara and Asos carrying them. However, the price range is $40 to $60 for this piece. I didn’t necessarily mind spending that price on this item. But I waited it out, and now it’s on Amazon. It’s still high-quality but significantly cheaper. For trendier items like this one, I tend to shop on Amazon because I know I will not get as much use out of it as I would with other pieces. There are splurge items and investment ones. For me, this was a splurge. But, if you want to and can spend the higher cost, go for it!

Here is a link to the Amazon sweater:

There are other identical options available, this one was the most inexpensive.

More Inspo and Fashion Blog Posts

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