For day 4 out of 365, I’m going to show you how to style puffer jackets. These jackets have been everywhere lately, from Instagram to TikTok. The most popular brand is by far North Face; however, you don’t need anything fancy to rock this trend. In the photo below, I’m wearing a random brand, nothing too crazy. But, the puffer jacket is still warm and fashionable.

how to style puffer jacket

To see more photos of my puffer jacket outfits, stay tuned on my Instagram, @brianna.m.harvey, or click here. I also will be posting a TikTok and an IG reel of how to style a puffer jacket, if you want more of a visual. But in the meantime, let’s talk styling.

How to Style Puffer Jackets

For this look, I styled the black puffer jacket with a black crop top. I then added in a pair of baggy straight leg jeans from Target. I wanted to keep the look a more street style one. However, the puffer jacket can get styled into a girlier vibe, too. The baggy jeans tied with the tight crop top and oversized puffer jacket helped tie the look together in the way I wanted. But, if I were going for a girlier look, I would have gone with brighter colors and flair jeans.

For the shoes, I wore my black Dr. Martens. The boots gave the outfit some edge to them. Another good choice would be my white Nikes or a pair of Jordans. For a girlier look, I would have gone with my white converse or chunky white sneakers. The main difference between this outfit and the puffer jacket being edgy or girly is how soft the pieces are. The edgier, the more street style it will look. The softer, the more girly the look is going to be.

More Inspiration

To see more looks, with and without a puffer jacket, stay tuned to my blog. I’m going to be posting 365 outfits this year, one new outfit every day. If you missed the past three looks, catch up! Click here for outfit number three, here for outfit two, and here for outfit one.


Brianna Harvey

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