If you’re like me and are TikTok obsessed, you may have seen those videos about 2021 trend predictions. And to be honest, I might have made one of my own. To check it out, click here, or follow me on TikTok at @briannamarieharve. Some of the trends I included were funky tights and mesh tops, among others. But I did not put the fashion trend I am going to be wearing today in the video. This trend is cowboy boots.

I’m not going to lie; I was EXCITED when I saw cowboy boots were making an appearance on many of these fashion trend prediction videos. I got my black snakeskin pair gifted to me forever ago from JustFab. At this time, the boots were stylish; but, it was more of a fad. The trend came and went. I still wore these boots, just not as often. But, I do this thing where I hold onto a lot of my clothes and shoes. I should sell stuff I don’t wear on Depop or Poshmark, but you never know when something will make a comeback.

And these cowboy boots are making a comeback. I made the right call by keeping them. However, it’s critical to note that they are not getting styled traditionally. These trendy boots are coming back with a modern twist. Instead of wearing them with southern styled clothes, people have worn them with bike shorts and blazers, dresses, and more. The cowboy boots have become a modern boot.

How I Styled My Cowboy Boots

cowboy boots
cowboy boots

Now, that’s not to say you can’t style them the way you might have once known. You should wear whatever you want and whatever makes you feel confident. However, if you’re looking for a twist, I got you covered. I kept it sort of traditional in the above pictures but also added some flair.

As you can see, this is the look: a black crop top, my blue flannel, ripped jeans, and my black cowboy boots. The black crop top is a closet basic, nothing special there. The blue flannel is my traditional object that’s still stylish. The ripped jeans from Fashion Nova give the outfit a modern look. And the cowboy boots with the black baguette bag tie it together.

When styling cowboy boots, I recommend paying attention to the texture. Some of them are snakeskin and one color, like mine, while others have a more western look. Either pair you have can work but might need to get styled differently. The modern-looking pairs, similar to the ones I have on, can pair well with biker shorts and blazers. The more traditional styles may work better with a dress or denim.

Additional Inspo

For more outfit ideas and inspo, check out my Instagram account @brianna.m.harvey. Also, keep in mind that I will be posting 365 outfits this year. If you missed the last two days, click here to catch up on day two and here to catch up on day one.


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