Something that never goes out of style is denim on denim. It’s an effortless outfit to throw on, uses items everyone has in their closet, and always looks stylish. But behind every denim on denim outfit comes a little bit of stress. Even though the look is simple, putting on a pair of jeans and a denim top or jacket isn’t necessarily going to look chic. The perfect denim outfit nails texture, size, and color.

We know this may sound like a little much, but it’s not as crazy or hard as it sounds. Chances are that you already have all of the components for a cute Canadian tuxedo. If you have been struggling to put together the perfect all denim outfit, don’t stress. I got you covered.


The first component of any outfit is texture. The texture is going to refer to the clothing material, essentially, whether the denim in question is rough, soft, sheer, light, or heavy. Most denim bottoms are going to be heavier and rough, as most denim are jeans, jean shorts, or a jean skirt. For my Canadian tuxedo, I usually go with two rough pieces of denim. In my outfit below, it’s a denim jacket and denim jeans.


Next up, the sizing. And I don’t mean the size of your jeans and the size of your top or jacket. The perfect outfit has the right proportions. For example, in my outfit below, I went with a shorter and more fitted denim jacket over a cropped white tank. The jeans are very ripped and are on the baggier side. Going with skinnier jeans and the cropped jean jacket would not have balanced out as well. The mix of oversized and fitted elevated the outfit.


Last but not least, color. There are all kinds of shades of denim, ranging from bleached to a dark blue. But, not every shade of denim is going to work well together. When picking the color of the two pieces of denim, it helps to keep in mind the texture and size. In my denim on denim look, I am wearing two light denim pieces. The jeans are slightly more bleached, but the color match for the most part. Some people even mix and match the types of denim and make it look very chic.

Denim on Denim Look Inspo

Whenever I’m feeling stuck when it comes to styling a denim on denim look, I always check Pinterest. There are all kinds of outfits on there for a variety of different styles. Whatever type of look you want to go for, edgy, girly, etc., Pinterest has some inspiration for it. Click here to get an idea of other denim outfits. And for more outfit inspiration, denim and not denim, click here to friend me on Instagram, @brianna.m.harvey. If you missed any of my other blog posts, click here to read my latest trend watch.


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