The spring and summer 2021 trends seem to be coming and going quicker than ever before. But, some options are more of an investment than a splurge, especially if you do it the right way. One example of this is the platform shoe trend. If you have seen it, then you know what I mean. And if you don’t, let me fill you in on what you need to know!

Below is a photo of me in a pair of platform shoes. I went with some black chunky and strappy platform sandals.

spring and summer 2021 trends

Fun fact: I bought these about eight months ago because I love platform shoes, and my mom thought they were SO ugly. Fast forward to now, and platform shoes are just one of the many long-term spring and summer 2021 trends.

How Can You Wear Platform Shoes?

This trend is easy to style; however, the latest way of styling these shoes (from what I have seen) is by getting funky with them. I went with a more casual-chic way by pairing the chunky sandals with black baggy, wide-leg jeans from Boohoo, a scarf turned into a top from Fashion Nova, and my black baguette purse from Kate Spade. After adding in the accessories and black sunnies, the look was ready to go.

But, sandals are very versatile and get paired with any pants, shorts, skirts, and even dresses. They are worn best with a casual outfit you want to spice up or a dressy outfit that you want to tone down.

Other Platform Shoe Styles:

Other shoe styles include platform boots and platform sneakers. Both of which are adorable and a subtle way to bring some oomph to any outfit. For platform boots, the latest trend has been to style them with skirts and dresses. While I know it’s hot out, fashion requires some perseverance sometimes. Or, that’s what I tell myself as I wear platform boots and a mini dress in the Florida heat.

The platform sneakers, on the other hand, are similar to the sandals. You can wear them with anything! My personal platform sneaker favorites, as of right now, are the platform Converse. Catch me in a pair on here and on my Instagram soon.

More Spring and Summer 2021 Trends

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