This blog post is dedicated to two things: one, how to style activewear with Russell Athletic clothing, and two, informing all influencers about ApexDrop. So let’s dive into it!

I got the opportunity to collaborate with ApexDrop and Russell Athletic in December. After a quick search through their website, I found that the clothing was just what I needed in my closet. I always have had a lot of working out clothes, but never hoodies, sweats, and sweaters I could wear walking in or out of the gym. Also, sometimes you want to be gym ready all day but with the added comfort of a hoodie. That’s where Russell Athletic came in.

They let me pick out a few items, so naturally, I chose items that were comfy, cute, and could get styled a million different ways. The verdict was a pair of gray sweatpants, an oversized gray zip-up hoodie, and an oversized navy sweater. Once I got the items in the mail, I was so excited to style them. Did I mention that all the clothing was extremely comfortable?

How to Style Activewear

The first item I styled was the gray zip-up hoodie. I wanted to go for a more laid back look with early 2000 influences. The result was a pair of very ripped jeans, a baby pink cropped tee, white Nike high top sneakers, the gray Russell Athletic zip-up, and a matching gray headband. What I loved the most about this hoodie was that it’s was comfortable and sporty, yet could still be dressed up.

To clarify, the items I got were all men’s items. It may throw some people off, but I swear this was the secret to all the pieces being the perfect oversized fit.

Next, styling athletic clothing in a more sporty way versus girly. Have you ever wanted to be gym ready but in a presentable way? Sometimes I throw on gym clothes for work but realize I don’t feel or look my best. If I’m at home, it’s fine. But, when I go to coffee shops to work, I try and throw on something cute to motivate me. With the Russell Athletic sweater, I created a look that prepared me for the gym but also looked on-trend.

For this look, I went with the navy blue oversized sweater from Russell Athletic, gray workout pants, white high socks, gray Nike running shoes, and a white baseball cap. The look was sporty but on-trend at the same time. Anyone who tells you athleisure can’t be stylish is wrong! There are plenty of components that can make any gym outfit trendy.

What is ApexDrop?

For all of my fellow bloggers, influencers, or aspiring content creators, ApexDrop is a great platform to know about. All you have to do is sign up for a free account, and they connect you with brands. There’s an easy to navigate app that you can use to sign up for collabs and see which ones you get invited to. The brands range from all niches, guaranteeing that there is something for everyone. My collaboration with Russell Athletic was from ApexDrop.

Want to see more photos and how-to guides on styling activewear? Check out my Instagram account @brianna.m.harvey. I will be posting all of my pictures in my Russell Athletic athleisure this week, so stay tuned! To shop these pieces, click here.

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